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Hello. My name is Lamar Ingram. I'm a professional web designer, web developer, artist, photographer, husband & father.
I live in Northern New Jersey and I am the founder of a small web design studio called Cyberworxs.

I am extremely passionate about the web, design, typography, web standards, user experience, photography and art. I have experience designing logos, print ads and producing unique online brand experiences. I've been designing websites since 2006 and have loved art my whole life.

I like to tweet a lot about stuff, so follow me on Twitter if you can put up with my ramblings.

A brief history

To cut a long story short, I began taking adult oil painting classes when I was 6 years old. I have been an artist my whole life. While in high school I would paint original abstract works and sell my paintings as Christmas gifts. Also in high school I worked as a Mechanical Drafter for 3 years.

My father used to do freelance photography work when I was a child. He often took me with him on his shoots and spent a lot of time with him in the darkroom (back in the film days) where I developed my love for photography. I have worked professionally for several local musicians and artists taking shots for their portfolio and publicity.

I began designing websites in 2006, which allows me to merge my love for design, art and photography all in one place.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio of work and send me a message if you like what you see.

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